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About Seinde Signature

Perfume is the art that makes memory speak
Francis Kurkdjian

The brain behind Seinde signature, Mr. Olufemi Olaseinde Olusola began loving perfumes at a young age from admiring his father’s perfume collection. Like many others, he started building his personal collection by “blind buying” through friends abroad. Mr. Olusola has however gained a better understanding and great experience of the perfume industry over the years, and with this knowledge his personal fragrance collection has grown and is still growing to over 1000 carefully selected fragrances from the best brands and perfumers in the world.

Mr. Olusola has carefully studied the perfume industry and this brought about his discovery as to why there is a need for an Experience Studio. Most perfume retailers sell by general reviews or personal experiences; However, there is a very important aspect of perfumes that is mostly ignored by all, which is how fragrances react on different individuals. Every fragrance lover needs to take note of factors such as skin PH balance, hormones and skin type that contribute to why a perfume would project differently on different people or different skin type. Our experience Studio will afford fragrance lovers the opportunity to sample over 1000 unique perfumes from different brands and perfumers around the world before making that decision to purchase.

Initially, Mr. Seinde intended to have just a beautiful space where fragrance lover could come to and have a wonderful perfume experience without purchase but soon clients began to have an increased need for Mr. Seinde’s expertise in purchasing a fragrance they could go home with and this brought about the expansion of the Seinde experience studio which now has a retail extension called SALON DE PARFUM. Salon de parfum has fragrances for sale but not just any fragrance. This extension possesses the rarest set of exclusive fragrances in Nigeria. Mr. Seinde being an experienced and well learned perfume collector now satisfies his passion and love for fragrances by choosing only the best for his clients.

They Say

Here at the Seinde Signature experience studio, it’s an experience in here. Its is mind blowing and a very beautiful space. I have seen perfumes here that I have only seen outside of Nigeria before now, I have also seen perfumes that I have never seen before. Trust me, the Niche brands here are exclusive. I would want to spend a whole day here so I think you should too

— Ms. Sandra

Perfumer, Lael ng.

At seinde signature experience studio, I am having a wonderful, sweet, beautiful, scentful experience. Thank you, guys!

— Ms. Linda Osifo


So I came to Seinde signature to get one scent and I walked out with five. So that just tells you its an awesome experience. I came here to experience scents and I did experience scents and I am wowed. I can’t even describe how I feel. You have to visit, there are awesome perfumes, Niche perfumes, never heard of perfumes. It’s a must have experience, fantastic!!!

— Ms. Nnenna

Walk-in Customer

Anywhere you are in Nigeria, just make sure you come Lagos, and if you are in Lagos, come to Lekki and if you are in Lekki, come to oriental hotel. They are on the 11th floor, that is the executive floor

— Mr. Julius Agwu


I came here to experience perfumes like I have never experienced before and for the perfume lovers out there like me, people who are perfume freaks like me, you need to come and experience something different from the usual ysl, cartier, the usual houses that you know. There are some houses you have never heard of, some smells are heavenly, you need to come here. So, I toast to Seinde signature today, I promise to come back, definitely would come back. I have some samples, I have bought perfumes, I have some blotters to experience again at night. This is wonderful!

— Mr. Seyi

Walk-in Customer